Sharp Edge LLC (Sharp Edge)

Customer Terms and Conditions 

The following requirements apply based on the placing of a purchase order or providing an authorization to proceed

STARTING WORK. Sharp Edge will start work upon receiving a purchase order or an authorization to proceed from the Customer.

COMPLETION DATES. An estimated completion date may be requested, but Sharp Edge cannot be penalized for any dates that slide.

ENGINEERING MODEL. Sharp Edge will program the part to its net dimensions per the engineering model provided or approved by the Customer. Any and all features the Customer wants in the part must be in the model. Sharp Edge can edit the model to fit the configuration defined by the Customer. The Customer will be made aware of and approve any changes Sharp Edge makes to the model. The model will be considered the media of acceptance by Sharp Edge.

REQUIREMENTS FOR LAYOUT. The Customer will provide full engineering, stock size, work center information, tools and will work with Sharp Edge to define a high-level concept needed to complete the layout.

LAYOUT APPROVAL. Sharp Edge will provide a layout description for planning to be reviewed by the Customer. Once the layout is approved, any future changes to the layout (including but not limited to; part configuration changes, fixture design changes, additional operations, changing the order of the operations, etc) maybe subject to additional charges at Sharp Edge’s discretion.

DELIVERY/LIABILITY. After Sharp Edge delivers a completed project, the Customer will have the opportunity to review and request changes. Sharp Edge will fully support any changes that fall inside the scope of the layout description for planning. Liability of the project shifts to the Customer once the project is approved. (including but not limited to; nonconforming part, equipment malfunction, cutter damage, etc.) Certificate of Compliance (CofC) will not be provided by Sharp Edge, LLC for Programming Services.

TAPE PROVE SUPPORT. Sharp Edge offers support without compensation for any and all tape prove changes that falls inside the scope of the layout description for planning for up to 90 days. The 90 days starts upon initial delivery by Sharp Edge. After the 90-day tape prove period, Sharp Edge may request coverage for any additional work to the project.

PAYMENT. Sharp Edge will invoice upon initial delivery of the project. Payment terms will be 3% 10 net 30.

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